What is a class 7 food chain?

The food chain is a linear sequence of organisms in which nutrients and energy are transferred from one organism to another. This occurs when one organism consumes another organism. It starts with the producing organism, follows the chain and ends with the decomposing organism. There are three types of food chains found in nature.

Some of the foods synthesized by producers are used in their bodybuilding, while the rest are used to provide energy for various activities of life. Energy flow occurs in an ecosystem from the first trophic level to the fourth trophic level of the food chain. There are also five trophic levels in a highly complex ecosystem in which tertiary consumers are present between secondary consumers and main consumers, and then the fifth trophic level (T) formed by the main consumers. In different ecosystems, different food chains can have two, three, four, or a maximum of five trophic levels.

In this food chain, grass is the producing organism that uses the energy of sunlight to prepare foods such as carbohydrates through the process of photosynthesis. The food chain of predators extends from producers to herbivores and carnivores, the food chain for parasites begins with producers but ends with parasites, and the food chain for saprophytes begins with decomposers. Consequently, a food chain may end at (i) herbivore level (primary consumer), (ii) primary carnivore level (secondary consumer), (iii) secondary carnivore level (tertiary consumer), or (iv) tertiary carnivore level (quaternary consumer). A food chain is a straight sequence of organisms in which nutrients and energy are transferred from one organism to another.

A) The sequence of living organisms in a community in which one organism consumes another organism to transfer food energy is called the food chain. Producers are autotrophic organisms that synthesize organic foods from simple inorganic raw materials through photosynthesis using solar energy. Grass (producer) Deer (herbivore) Lion (carnivore) (b) Interconnected food chains that operate in an ecosystem and that establish a network of relationships between several species form a food web.

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